There is a reason that the Fountain of Youth is so desirable. When it comes to our health, everybody wishes they could pause the clock or turn back time. Aging is both a blessing and a curse. It instills us with invaluable wisdom while also aging the body. The result is a mental age that doesn’t match the physical one. According to a New York Times survey, the majority of people over 50 said they felt at least ten years younger than their age. In the older groups, the gap is more expansive, with ⅓ of people between 65 and 74 feeling 10 to 19 years younger on the inside, and ⅙ of people 75 and older feeling 20 years younger.

It is no surprise, then, that companies have jumped on this need to give the people what they want, even if it doesn’t exist. The term wellness is seen everywhere these days – from mindfulness and yoga classes to nutrition labels. The anti-aging industry currently generates over $60 billion, and the numbers are growing exponentially. Even if a diet or pill sounds too good to be true, there will always be a targeted demographic ready to pay anything for it. 

Another term that is used often is superfood. Although this is not an actual food group, it is a marketing term that refers to nutrient-dense foods from all over the food pyramid. They contain antioxidants, which help prevent cancer; healthy fats, which help fight heart disease; fiber, which controls diabetes and digestion problems; and phytochemicals, which have multiple benefits. For people who want to embrace healthy foods such as these, it’s important to remember that consistency is critical. Long-term healthy habits are the most realistic way of fighting the effects of aging. Because of this, foods that are considered anti-aging have to be more than just nutrient-dense. They must also be readily accessible for people to consume regularly. 

There are several diets that are backed by science, depending on what a person’s goals are. For weight loss and overall health, a low-carbohydrate, whole food regime is recommended. Experts agree that the healthiest foods come from the plant kingdom, and this diet emphasizes vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat, fish, eggs, and fats. Followers also avoid processed foods, starches, and sugar.