There are many different ways for a senior to keep themselves healthy and happy. In truth, one should always combine multiple methods to ensure the highest quality of life. Mental and physical exercises should go hand and hand, as one should not ignore the mind for the body, or vice versa.

Sarcopenia is the term used to describe muscle loss due to aging. One of the most natural ways to counter this loss is by exercising, though one must be mindful of their body’s needs and limitations. Here are some of the best exercises available for seniors. And remember, these exercises can be mixed and matched – and should be used in combination with mental exercises.


Swimming is one of the best exercises out there for seniors. It provides a full-body workout but still manages to be low impact. Exercising in the water increases cardiovascular fitness, strengthens muscles, and puts minimal stress on joints.

In other words, swimming is the perfect exercise. As a bonus, researchers have reason to believe that swimming can also help keep our minds sharp. 


Walking is another fun and low-impact form of cardio available to all. It’s accessible, inexpensive, and easily modified. It’s easy to begin walking around the neighborhood. Or one could go on an adventure by heading to a local park or beach. Best of all, walking can easily be done with friends, turning the exercise into a social activity.

Arm Weights

If one is more concerned about maintaining the muscles in their arms, then arm weights are an appropriate response. Even if this isn’t a primary concern, arm weights are an effective method of strength training.

Weight lifting can quickly become a customized activity, thanks to the variety of small weights available. Remember, one can always do more reps at a smaller weight if they are concerned about overdoing things.


When considering what exercises to prioritize for the day, squats may not be the first to come to mind. However, squats are perfect for any healthy routine – especially for seniors. Squats help with balance and posture and can strengthen your core. All at once! It also helps with bone density, and researchers believe it can help stave off dementia.