The idea of retirement can be an intimidating prospect. One thing that can help is creating a plan. The earlier, the better. While many people focus on finances, it is equally important to consider where they will be living once they retire.

Naturally, one wants to find a comfortable, safe, and ideally affordable place. Those three together make for a big ask, so sometimes it isn’t always possible. However, it is possible to find the perfect safe retirement spot for yourself and your family.

San Juan County, Washington

According to one study, San Juan County in Washington is one of the healthiest places to retire. The senior citizen population has grown as more people move into the state. Yet, there are over three hundred mental health providers per hundred thousand residents, which is larger by half than most areas.


When people consider retirement locations, they’re usually thinking of a state or city inside their home country. However, nothing stops them from traveling abroad to find the perfect new home.

Greece is one of the best retirement locations, as it comes with beautiful scenery, a higher life expectancy, and a solid health care system. As with any big move, it is critical to plan ahead.

Naples, Florida

Florida is one of the more classic retirement locations, and there’s a reason for that. The cost of living is lower in Florida. That, combined with beautiful beaches and a higher concentration of geriatric specialists, ensures that one can be both happy and healthy in this area.

Billings, Montana

For those that love the outdoors, but not the sort of scenery that Florida has to offer, there’s always Billings, Montana. Billings offers the great outdoors and a more urban environment, making it the best of both worlds. Better yet, there are dozens of wildlife trails, all carefully maintained and monitored. This, combined with a robust nearby hospital (St. Vincent Healthcare), means that one can find a healthy and active life here.


One cannot make a list of the ideal retirement locations without including Italy. Italy has a strong universal health care system, a wholesome way of life, and higher life expectancies. Additionally, it has a low rate of avoidable hospitalizations, indicating strong safety measures.